Medical Assistant

Flawless differential diagnosis and evidence-based clinical plans to make better, faster clinical decisions

Reviews from our colleagues

Khaled M.

Amazing result! I wrote about various very complex situations, and he gives a really correct differential diagnosis. I have never seen such accuracy anywhere else. This neural network reasons like a doctor with extensive experience

KindCare Medical Center, Pediatrician

Pavlova D.

It's super simple - you give the text, and it's a diagnosis for you. No questions asked and doesn't require correction! I didn't expect it to be so easy!

Victory Clinic, Oncologist

Tappakhov A

I was happy to test the platform 👍👍👍 I really liked it, uploaded several of my cases - a perfect match! I think that a lot also depends on the findings (experience, quality of examination) of the clinician. A great find for doctors, especially young colleagues!

National Center of Medicine, Neurologist